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Gosh, it’s a real struggle to get people to visit my new Etsy Shop or my Ebay Listings.

Everynight I cross-stitch, I have been stitching since my teens and I always have one on my lap, every evening.  My niece was creating Tie Dyes and asked me to create her an Ebay shop, which really never came to be, but my boyfriend suggested that I should try selling my Cross-stitch work.  Unfortunately, this was really not feasible because the projects I do (see tab above with my larger works) take a long time, as long as a year!  So we started brainstorming…. 

How about combining the Tie Dye with the Cross-stitch and just do smaller projects that would be less time consuming!  So I started doing this, originally thinking I would sell at a local store that has a flea market parking lot every weekend.  This didn’t work out either, people were looking for yard sale items, not crafts.  So… at the time I originally was working for a guy entering items on Ebay, which introduced me to the Ebay world.  He did real well (but of course he was selling household items that everyone needs), maybe I could try out Ebay.  I set up my listings on Ebay and then Facebook friends suggested Etsy.  So, now I”ve got my shops all set up ~ but not much traffic.



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Etsy and Ebay Revamp

As mentioned below my new thing is my Tie Dye Cross-stitch Art.   I now have an Etsy shop and I’m also selling my work on Ebay too.  I’ve sold a few so far, but none from Etsy so I decided to get some advice from other Etsy members and I posted a question about possible marketing techniques.   Instead of Marketing techniques I got back some great constructive criticism on my Shops appearance.  I hadn’t spent much time on it and actually didn’t really realize that there was so much you could do with Etsy…. I thought it was like Ebay, just post your work and hope away!  The criticism didn’t hurt my feelings though, because most people loved my work!!  (EXCELLENT ~ Woo hoo!)  It was just my Shop was truly lacking.  I’ve added profile info, a banner and changed the lousy quality photo’s that I had originally posted.   I just can’t believe the difference in these photos now ~ 8 megapixel vs a 3 megapixel camera makes all the difference and strange, but I really had no idea….  It’s crazy!  The colors just shoot out at you

So here is what I need from you… my very few readers out there.    I have revamped it all and I need feedback from you all ~ especially the folks who recently visited and saw the “Before” 

Let me know what you think of the “after” on my Etsy site.   Thanks and Love n stuff!


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Friday Fill-in

Taking a break from creating to play a little Friday Fill-in again after so long ~ you can join in too HERE

1. How in the world did I end up doing five years of state taxes that were never done…. Not only that but there are two states for each year ~ the good part being, we are getting a refund from each state!

2. Be yourself in front of me.

3. Life’s so indecisive and unpredicable.

4. Today I’m having a Tax Form picnic lunch.

5. That was where we created the Tie Dye Cross-stitch Art.

6.  His home I think of  as “our place”.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to movies and stitching (wish I were able to go to Sams first game), tomorrow my plans include more of the same and Sunday, I want to watch Big Brother again!

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Just one example of what you will see....

I have not blogged in forever and wow, I do miss the blog circles I was in!   I would like to get back into it and plan to someday soon, but until then I’m trying to show everyone what I’ve been busy creating!    My Etsy site is here:    My Shop  and I’m also selling on EBAY too.  (If your on ebay then you can search the words Tie Dye Cross-stitch to see my stuff)

These are real nice framed Handmade Tie Dye Cross-stitch pieces and I’m trying to spread the word because once they get noticed I really think people will buy them.  Please help me spread the word if you are reading this!  Love to all!

PS  I will be posting photo’s of my cross stitch creations in my next post ~ so stay close by.  I also do custom work, so if you want a last name, a special slogan, favorite colors worked into the tie dye background etc. then comment me and we can talk!

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