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As Written March 5, 2006 and moved from my old blog site
My day has started well. I hopped in the car with my PJ’s still on to drive around the corner for a coffeeDunkins Coffee. I pulled up, placed my order, pulled up to the window, paid, got the coffee, pulled away and proceeded to watch my Large (the biggest they have) coffee spill all over my front passenger floorboard. (That’s going to smell nice tomorrow!) I didn’t pull out – hell no – I went right back to the speaker and ordered another! What’s your guess? Did I have to pay for it or not? Answer tomorrow (or maybe later today)!

Hope your morning began well!

UPDATE PS – PRESENT DAY:  Yep, I got the coffee for free!


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Names and Flat Tires

Design Did you ever do a Lexigram of your name? My mom has done lexigrams for a good few years now. She starts with your full birth name and proceeds to pick out words based on the letters in your name. The words she pulls out is what “makes” you, you and is supposed to reflect parts of your personality.

Mildred Manning is my great-grandmother. Mildred’s daughter (my grandmother) married Robert Redman.  So, why am I telling you this?  Well just look at the letters in Mildreds name:

mildRED MANning.  Cool huh?

My name has the words “Car Tire is Flat” in it and needless to say, I’ve had TONS of tire problems in my life!

Which brings me to my tire story from last week.  This is my second consecutive visit that I have managed to get a flat tire. The strange part of this story is that times my flat tire occurred in the same exact spot, I got off the highway at the exact same exit and pulled into the same exact service station to wait for help!  Talk about DejaVu!

Sam and I were driving to pick up her friend to go bowling and apparently I drove over a piece of metal, which then stuck directly into the side of the tire! As I was driving down the highway, people were pointing at us, but I couldn’t quite catch what they were trying to tell me.  I couldn’t yet feel the tire and I thought they were telling me the trunk was open. Then it dawned on me about my last visit and I pulled over to see, again, another flat!

Life is so strange sometimes, is it not?

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Hello world!

“Hello world” is right!  I’m fed up with Tripod and have had to bite the bullet and change hosts. My old blog at Tripod, also entitled Chrisseas-corner,  will be no longer. It makes me slightly sad, because I won’t have the History behind me anymore ~ but I guess I can create new History! So, I shall and I am creating anew. I will be transferring my older posts over to this new place as I go along… so that my History will be here too, someday. It’ll take time, but I think it’ll worth the change.

Tripod just has too many problems. This weekend they decided to add a third advertisement banner, which loads after about 3 seconds and then blocks out the entire blog. I can see my posts, but only for the first 3 seconds.  This problem started yesterday, but yesterday I didn’t feel like fussing with it! Today though, I got very frustrated.  I went straight to the Tripod help site to see what the problem seemed to be…. submitted a trouble ticket and also went to their “help blog” to see if others were having the same problem and sure enough, tons of complaints, same issue. It’s happening to all Tripod Blogs, apparently. After submitting my trouble ticket, I waited all day for a response or a fix. Nothing yet ~ 6:30 p.m. So… I give up and have made the change! I hope you enjoy my new blog.

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