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Well I had another Clearly Chrissie moment, which for those of you who don’t know, is when my blond comes out and / or I  completely make an ass out of myself… or I simply flush my keys down the toilet.

Sam has had cheerleading practice every evening this week and she has cheer camp Thursday thru Saturday 9 – 4 p.m.  Sam had asked if I could pick up her friend Kimberly Thursday morning, as her Mom would already be at work when they had to be there,  and I agreed that this would be fine.  So, Wednesday evening I took Samantha to her evening practice, as usual.  I usual stay in the parking lot and read because right now the drive is just too far to make coming home again worth while.  Usually by the time cheer is done all the Mom’s are waiting and in the past, we have gotten to somewhat know each other (thru car windows) while waiting.  Both Lauren & Kimberly’s mother have almost the same red car.  This year, the girls have decided to run a mile on the school track after each practice, so us Mom’s have been following them down to the track, if we see them heading that way, so they don’t have to walk back afterward.

Wednesday I pulled up next to Kimberly’s mothers red car and started talking with her.  She had gotten her hair cut to the shoulders and I told her it looked nice and we mentioned how it would be really hard to run just one of those laps.  I told her that I smoke cigarettes, which can’t help and she admitted she did too, although Danielle doesn’t know about her smoking.  We sat and waited a few more minutes on the girls.  When Sam got to the car I mentioned to Kimberly’s mother that I would be picking Kimi up and she looked at me blankly and said “Who is Kimberly?”

Oh Myyy Godddd!  Embarrassing!  It was the wrong mother!  Now there are three mothers with almost the same red car. I might have caught on when she told me Danielle didn’t know about her smoking…. but nooooo  ~ chalk that up as just another Clearly Chrissie moment!


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As Written March 5, 2006 and moved from my old blog site
My day has started well. I hopped in the car with my PJ’s still on to drive around the corner for a coffeeDunkins Coffee. I pulled up, placed my order, pulled up to the window, paid, got the coffee, pulled away and proceeded to watch my Large (the biggest they have) coffee spill all over my front passenger floorboard. (That’s going to smell nice tomorrow!) I didn’t pull out – hell no – I went right back to the speaker and ordered another! What’s your guess? Did I have to pay for it or not? Answer tomorrow (or maybe later today)!

Hope your morning began well!

UPDATE PS – PRESENT DAY:  Yep, I got the coffee for free!

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Carmi’s themetic photography theme for this week is the Grounded. What can I write about Grounded? 

My Ground-ed girl!

My Ground-ed girl!

Well first of all, the day that he posted this weeks theme, we had to Ground my 14 year old, Samantha.  I remember thinking I’d post a photo of her, because after-all, she was my Ground-ed child.     




It was raining Wednesday night, as I headed out to get a few photo’s of the actual ground, thinking a picture of the Ground-ed girl might not be good enough…. Unfortunately, it was pouring out, so I only got one shot I really liked. 

The Wet Ground

The Wet Ground

Lastily….  introducing my gravel road. The ground I drive in and out of every day.  

The Ground that takes me from here to there!

The Ground that takes me from here to there!

I knew I was including the gravel in this theme, because I love gravel! I don’t know why… it’s pretty to me, somehow! 




Because I seem to be better at words than photo’s, let’s talk about being Grounded….. Were you grounded much as a kid?  If so, comment and tell me about it.

I was seriously grounded twice as a teen, for a month each time! My stepfather wasn’t one to go back on it either, once I was grounded for the month, that was it. It stuck. I don’t think I could put up with Samantha being grounded for a whole month…. one day at a time is enough for me.

The most memorable month’s sentence was given because I got caught steeling Blackberry Brandy from my stepfathers liquor cabinet.  

Place: Massachusetts  Date: 1981 or 1982.  Ohhh, the 80’s! 

I was going to my basketball banquet and my friend & cohort Denise and I thought it might be fun to catch a little buzz before it started.  Before going, I had to babysit my little sister, Beth, covering between the time my Mom left for work and my stepfather, Oz, came home from work. On this day, during this 2-hour span, I managed to get a pepsi can emptied and filled with a small amounts of various different liquors from the cabinet (but mostly Blackberry Brandy). It was a wonderful mixture, I’m sure!!  I hid the open can of Pepsi behind our little shed, where I parked my bicycle and once Oz was home, I made a point to declare loudly, as I walked out the door, that “I need to get my bike” ~ before heading to my friend Denise’ house, her Mom was the taxi to the banquet. This declaration must have made Oz suspicious…  think about it….. how many times have I gotten my bike from around the shed and not had to announce it to everyone?  Why are kids so stupid?  Quite comical! So, Clearly a Chrissie moment,  I went around to the shed and got my Pepsi can, but guess what? I forgot to get my freakin bike!!!  Yep, I was brilliant. The suspicious Oz was watching me leave out the front picture window, as I hid the liquor under my jacket. He let me get a little past the neighbors house before he yelled….

“Chris, come back here!”

I dropped the liquor.

“Pick up what you dropped!” 


Ground-ed – 1 month and no banquet!

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