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Gosh, it’s a real struggle to get people to visit my new Etsy Shop or my Ebay Listings.

Everynight I cross-stitch, I have been stitching since my teens and I always have one on my lap, every evening.  My niece was creating Tie Dyes and asked me to create her an Ebay shop, which really never came to be, but my boyfriend suggested that I should try selling my Cross-stitch work.  Unfortunately, this was really not feasible because the projects I do (see tab above with my larger works) take a long time, as long as a year!  So we started brainstorming…. 

How about combining the Tie Dye with the Cross-stitch and just do smaller projects that would be less time consuming!  So I started doing this, originally thinking I would sell at a local store that has a flea market parking lot every weekend.  This didn’t work out either, people were looking for yard sale items, not crafts.  So… at the time I originally was working for a guy entering items on Ebay, which introduced me to the Ebay world.  He did real well (but of course he was selling household items that everyone needs), maybe I could try out Ebay.  I set up my listings on Ebay and then Facebook friends suggested Etsy.  So, now I”ve got my shops all set up ~ but not much traffic.



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Etsy and Ebay Revamp

As mentioned below my new thing is my Tie Dye Cross-stitch Art.   I now have an Etsy shop and I’m also selling my work on Ebay too.  I’ve sold a few so far, but none from Etsy so I decided to get some advice from other Etsy members and I posted a question about possible marketing techniques.   Instead of Marketing techniques I got back some great constructive criticism on my Shops appearance.  I hadn’t spent much time on it and actually didn’t really realize that there was so much you could do with Etsy…. I thought it was like Ebay, just post your work and hope away!  The criticism didn’t hurt my feelings though, because most people loved my work!!  (EXCELLENT ~ Woo hoo!)  It was just my Shop was truly lacking.  I’ve added profile info, a banner and changed the lousy quality photo’s that I had originally posted.   I just can’t believe the difference in these photos now ~ 8 megapixel vs a 3 megapixel camera makes all the difference and strange, but I really had no idea….  It’s crazy!  The colors just shoot out at you

So here is what I need from you… my very few readers out there.    I have revamped it all and I need feedback from you all ~ especially the folks who recently visited and saw the “Before” 

Let me know what you think of the “after” on my Etsy site.   Thanks and Love n stuff!


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Weekends Whiz

The weekends sure do whiz by…. 

Work and play merge into a quick memorable weekend again!

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I have had four quite successful nights at my restaurant.  I am waitressing now at a pretty nice little upscale restaurant and I really am quite happy.  It’s about two miles from my home and it’s a very fun little place to work.  Money is good, when I actually have customers, and no one can complain about that!!!

Tomorrow Ron comes in, after being away for 3 weeks.  He made supervisor and tomorrow is the big discussion over his new compensation ~ it will be MORE, and no one can complain about that!!!

Ron will arrive by 6 pm.  Six hour drive, starting at noon ~ then he will be “holding me” again.  I am so in love, it’s ridiculous.  And… he too!  No one can complain about that!!!

Samantha has recently gotten her first car (she is not home very much anymore… surprise surprise) and I no longer have to tote her around or pick up her friends and vice versa.  I don’t think I can complain about that!!!

Tuesday we got the brakes done in both our vehicles.  Ron paid for mine and I paid for his  (because his was cheaper), and no one can complain about that!!!

Our driveway looks like a used car lot….  I’m complaining!!!!

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Charleston SC

A great spur of the moment trip this week…

Ron recently started a new job down in Charleston, SC, building a facility for Boeing.  I mentioned to Sam last week that it’s on the beach….  and (maybe ~ and we all know what maybe means in a teens vocab) we could take a weekend trip soon to visit him and the beach.

Samantha suggests midweek (typical her) that we should go ahead and go this weekend.  Because I had Thursday and Friday off, this turned into a weekday spur of the moment trip that was much enjoyed!!

No expenses needed, with the exception of gas, and a nice highway ride for Sam’s new car… we headed out at eleven pm Tuesday night.  The drive was a breeze with no traffic and a portable DVD to watch old Friends episodes.  Arrival 5:30 a.m., perfect timing to kiss Ron goodbye for work and kiss me goodnight.

Wednesday we slept til noon and just hung at the motel til the guys got back from the jobsite.  Free beer, hot dogs, hamburgers etc. topped off Wednesday night as Sam and I  planned Thursday as our beach day.

Thursday began at 5 am (thanks to Ron leaving for work at this time…) and cooking macaroni salad for an upcoming cookout that evening.  Sam slept til eleven and we were off to the beach.  It was so great!  Good time spent alone with my daughter, which is quite rare anymore, and water warmer than a bathtub.

Thursday night began with a bang.  Ron’s boss put chicken on the grill and walked back to his room to make a drink…. (that wasn’t a great decision)  Chrissie arrives with the macaroni salad only to observe too men hosing down the grill (and the chicken) with two fire extinguishers!  Don’t exactally know how but apparently flames were shooting to the ceiling of the gazebo!  I’m sure it wasn’t cleaned properly from the night before and needless to say Ron’s boss was a might bit pissed off!  Moral of that story would be to stay close to a grill you don’t know personally!  All in all though, what we had left to eat was the bomb!  Especially since it was my macaroni salad!

Friday again began at 5 am (Thanks honey….).  Sam slept while I hung in the room playing and catching up on the internet and our 6 hour return home at noon brought us back safe and sound by 6 pm!

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Its been a long time

And, I'm back!

Well, It’s been about a year since I’ve posted on my blog.  Mostly because I have no internet access at home (and still don’t) but I am going to try to blog again.  I’ve just recently gotten addicted to Facebook which has gotten me online again, so I might as well… 

I am madly in love with Ron Penn.  We have been together since August 1, 2009 and live together now.  My whole life has changed, and for the better, I must add!  

Anyway, if there is anyone left out there…. stay tuned for future posts.

Love from CHRISSEA

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Beach Night

Sam and I headed out to go play Bingo last night. We drove all the way to Milton; only to be confronted by Vicious Bingo Players!  It was ridiculous and even just thinking of the story gets me angry.  We walked into the bingo hall and the place was packed full with people and 95% of the crowd was African American. I am not prejudice but it does feel odd to be the only white amongst a crowd of blacks. Regardless, it wasn’t a very comfortable place; was kind of dirty looking and didn’t compare at all to the bingo hall in Braintree from Tuesday night.  But, we felt lucky and figured we would give it a shot. IF we could find a few seats that is.  Seat hunting turned out to be a tricky task, because every empty spot was reserved by others with Bingo Daubbers. Finally we came to a table that happened to have a a very nice lady seated there and she helped us out. She had seats reserved too, but moved them over and made room for us to sit! How nice, so I headed up to buy our bingo sheets.   Luckily I came back to the table before buying them because while I was asking Sam if she wanted a nine sheet or a twelve sheet, this big ole lady came strutting (or maybe it was stomping) up to us and started screaming in this horribly mean voice with an attitude (and shaking her head):

“Oh no, Oh no, Oh no (yes, she said that three times) you cant sit there, you cant sit there (Yes she said that twice) Mary’s coming and that seat is saved. Who told you you could sit there?  Who told you?”  She was having a complete meltdown over these saved bingo seats!

At this point the nice lady told her she had made room for us, but that was all she said and certainly didn’t stand up to this other woman the way she should have (but then again, neither did I). I guess she was quite intimidated too.

Sam and I left that table and walked around a little more. But each table we tried to sit at was blocked by bingo daubbers or someone at each table would shake their heads and say “someones sitting there”. Instead of fighting with these “Taking Bingo way too Serious” people, we decided to leave.

That ended up to be a good decision, although we did have to sit through an hour of traffic headed back to the South Shore. We had dinner, a nice bowl of homemade soup, and decided to take a ride to Nantasket Beach. One of my favorite times to be at the beach is right at sunset when there aren’t many people around and all you can hear is the ocean. It’s very serene!  We played around with the camera and took a few quick dips; surprisingly the water was much warmer than the air. It was great, until you got out of the water.  Samantha is deathly afraid of sharks and was once told by someone that sharks come out at dusk, which made her her usual paranoid self.  Making the shallow waters only our swimming territory.  Oh well, it was fun and we are headed back today to catch some rays and hopefully I’ll go deep.  I’d forgotten how I had missed the ocean!

Sam at A street beach entrance

Sam at A street beach entrance

Me, heading to the beach

Me, heading to the beach

Sami the fish (but watch out for those killer sharks)

Sami the fish (but watch out for those killer sharks)

Underwater feet

Underwater feet

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