I have had four quite successful nights at my restaurant.  I am waitressing now at a pretty nice little upscale restaurant and I really am quite happy.  It’s about two miles from my home and it’s a very fun little place to work.  Money is good, when I actually have customers, and no one can complain about that!!!

Tomorrow Ron comes in, after being away for 3 weeks.  He made supervisor and tomorrow is the big discussion over his new compensation ~ it will be MORE, and no one can complain about that!!!

Ron will arrive by 6 pm.  Six hour drive, starting at noon ~ then he will be “holding me” again.  I am so in love, it’s ridiculous.  And… he too!  No one can complain about that!!!

Samantha has recently gotten her first car (she is not home very much anymore… surprise surprise) and I no longer have to tote her around or pick up her friends and vice versa.  I don’t think I can complain about that!!!

Tuesday we got the brakes done in both our vehicles.  Ron paid for mine and I paid for his  (because his was cheaper), and no one can complain about that!!!

Our driveway looks like a used car lot….  I’m complaining!!!!


Charleston SC

A great spur of the moment trip this week…

Ron recently started a new job down in Charleston, SC, building a facility for Boeing.  I mentioned to Sam last week that it’s on the beach….  and (maybe ~ and we all know what maybe means in a teens vocab) we could take a weekend trip soon to visit him and the beach.

Samantha suggests midweek (typical her) that we should go ahead and go this weekend.  Because I had Thursday and Friday off, this turned into a weekday spur of the moment trip that was much enjoyed!!

No expenses needed, with the exception of gas, and a nice highway ride for Sam’s new car… we headed out at eleven pm Tuesday night.  The drive was a breeze with no traffic and a portable DVD to watch old Friends episodes.  Arrival 5:30 a.m., perfect timing to kiss Ron goodbye for work and kiss me goodnight.

Wednesday we slept til noon and just hung at the motel til the guys got back from the jobsite.  Free beer, hot dogs, hamburgers etc. topped off Wednesday night as Sam and I  planned Thursday as our beach day.

Thursday began at 5 am (thanks to Ron leaving for work at this time…) and cooking macaroni salad for an upcoming cookout that evening.  Sam slept til eleven and we were off to the beach.  It was so great!  Good time spent alone with my daughter, which is quite rare anymore, and water warmer than a bathtub.

Thursday night began with a bang.  Ron’s boss put chicken on the grill and walked back to his room to make a drink…. (that wasn’t a great decision)  Chrissie arrives with the macaroni salad only to observe too men hosing down the grill (and the chicken) with two fire extinguishers!  Don’t exactally know how but apparently flames were shooting to the ceiling of the gazebo!  I’m sure it wasn’t cleaned properly from the night before and needless to say Ron’s boss was a might bit pissed off!  Moral of that story would be to stay close to a grill you don’t know personally!  All in all though, what we had left to eat was the bomb!  Especially since it was my macaroni salad!

Friday again began at 5 am (Thanks honey….).  Sam slept while I hung in the room playing and catching up on the internet and our 6 hour return home at noon brought us back safe and sound by 6 pm!

And, I'm back!

Well, It’s been about a year since I’ve posted on my blog.  Mostly because I have no internet access at home (and still don’t) but I am going to try to blog again.  I’ve just recently gotten addicted to Facebook which has gotten me online again, so I might as well… 

I am madly in love with Ron Penn.  We have been together since August 1, 2009 and live together now.  My whole life has changed, and for the better, I must add!  

Anyway, if there is anyone left out there…. stay tuned for future posts.

Love from CHRISSEA

13 from the Playlist

recordalbumIn my younger years I was a complete lover of music (mostly rock-n-roll) but as I aged this passion kind of faded out a little ~ probably due to a slowing down of partying, which, to me, went hand-in-hand with music.

Music has again become a big part of my life and I can only relate that to the “newness” I am experiencing in a new relationship.  I love lyrics, while he, being a bass player, loves the music.  (And yes, I am finally learning to hear the bass within the music)

13 songs from my playlist (copied from Becky’s playlist)….  songs that I love & have recently touched me!

1.     Drops of Jupiter, Train

2.     I’m Yours (“our” song), Jason Mraz

3.     Iris, GooGoo Dolls

4.     Glycerin, Bush

5.     What it’s Like, Everlast

6.     You were Meant for Me, Jewel

7.     Love Song, Tesla

8.     Meet Virginia, Train

9.     Outside, Staind

10.   My Own Prison, Creed

11.   Ain’t no rest for the Wicked, Cage the Elephant

12.  Drive, Incubus

13.  Name, GooGoo Dolls

What a long, wonderful weekend…

Weekend highlights….

Thursday night Ron finally got in from work, about 2 hours later than planned. He was pretty tired from an extra long day so we just hung out for a bit with the crew of teens that collect at his house due to his two boys.  Ron slept early and I read most of the night.

Friday morning I headed off, as usual to take Sam to school. Her plan was to head to the varsity game Friday night and I had to pick her up at midnight (it was an away game which entailed 1.5 hours of drive, as well) at the school.  Ron & I did the DVD thing Friday afternoon and then late afternoon headed out to Christiansburg.  We ate chinese buffet, bought mice for his snake, equipment to fix his amps foot pedal, fizz balls for the big tub (he has a nice big tub and said an absolute necessity for the tub was to buy fizzy bath stuff) and a few added goodies.  Running around took much of the afternoon and around dark we decided to hit the river and sit there to wait for Sam to get back from the game.  It was fun just sitting next to the river and letting time pass.  Good quality getting to know eachother time!

Saturday morning we had to get up early and take Sam over to her friends house in Radford, where she planned to spend the night ~ so this time we spent the afternoon in Radford. We hung out at the park for awhile and had Pizza at Sal’s.  Very good pizza, too ~sicilian (square).  On the way back from Radford I had the urge to take a dip in the river.. which I did, and happened to run into two Copperheads and a big water snake in about a 1/2 hours time!  Ron claims to have seen even a few more water snakes while I was swimming, which he didn’t mention, so as not to scare me.  (Thanks) Needless to say, after discussing, I’ve pretty much decided I might not go there anymore, even if it is a pretty cool little swimming hole with mountain fresh water!

Sunday was a little more relaxed.  We had planned on heading to the flea market in Hillsville, but we were both pretty into just hanging out at his house, so after lunch at the Mountain Restaurant in Meadows of Dan, we did just that.  I was checking out the fizz balls and debating on that nice deep hot tub when we realized the fizz balls actually gave birth to little dinosaurs!  What a hoot that was ~ and of course we immediately had to check them out…. Ron filled the tub for me (adding yummy liliac oil) and we each dropped in a “fizzy egg”  And the results were….

The Big Tub with the lilac oil & fizz balls

The Big Tub with the lilac oil & fizz balls

Baby Dino's!

Baby Dino's!

After laughing a good few minutes at the results, I enjoyed my nice long soak!

Monday went by quickly.  Sam had decided to stay an extra night at her girlfriends but I did have to bring her to her 4 hour cheer practice at noon and pick her up at 4.  (Lots of Sam driving this weekend!)  In between the 12 & 4 trips, I cooked a lasagna for the crew at Ron’s.  Once back at Ron’s about 9 last night, the lasagna was pretty much devoured and it was time to wrap up the weekend and get ready for the week.

And, here I am now, Tuesday morning, 5 a.m., waiting to wake up the girl for school, for a new week & ready to focus on the job~hunt again!

Friday Fill-in

And…here we go!

1. I feel very tired right now!

2. Getting dolled up for a night out is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: A TV or radio somewhere in the background & my dog scratching & sighing periodically

4. Ron is home for the long weekend and I’m glad that the long weekend has finally arrived!

5. The last time I checked if my daughter was up for school yet was 10 minutes ago (& every 10 minutes for the past 3/4 hour), and she wasn’t, of course!

6. I’m going to savor every moment of this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing a movie (hopefully at the drive-inn if something good is playing), tomorrow my plans include just spending all day at Ron’s and Sunday, I want to go to the big flea market in Hillsville!

Mom & Oz

Mom & Oz

My step-dad is going into surgery tomorrow to have his heart rhythm fixed, so I’m doing my 13 all about him….

1.  His nickname is Ozzy (not “the” Ozzy, but I have to admit it was quite cool to have an Ozzy while I was in school)

2.  He grew up in Hingham, Massachusetts

3. In his younger days he played hockey, and drove a Corvette & a Harley.

4.  He raised me since the age of 6 or 7, but met & started dating my Mom when I was 4

5.  He is very hardworking

6.  He is also pretty darn smart

7.  He is retired now, but spent his working years as a dedicated union electrician

8.  He has lots of hobbies ~ motorcycles, fishing, Nascar and building antique cars.

9.  He is quite talented at the building of the antique cars and has won many awards with this talent.

10.  As you can see in these pictures:



11.  Due to the Nascar hobby & the car building, he goes away on car show & race trips quite often.

At a car show...

At a car show...

12.  He is a dedicated husband, father & really loves his grandbabies!

13.  Us Virginia people are sending prayers and much love that the surgery goes well & the big heart gets better!