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As originally posted March 29, 2006 (moved from old blog)

What to write about?

Today I’m at a loss so I will just ramble-on for awhile.  Hence – Hodge Podge! Boy is it excellent out today!  Today is the first day that I totally feel like Spring is really here. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because they signify change, from one extreme to the next, both having a special feeling that is indescribable. They have their own smells, which trigger memories that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I know they are there and how they feel. What is your favorite season and why?

BINGO. I recently, on a whim and out of the blue, decided to go to a Bingo game. I played alot when I lived in Virginia. I totally love it – it’s an adrenaline rush and gambling runs in our family, big time. Friday night I went and I waited for “O63” for about 10 minutes. I would have won 500.00! Instead, about 12 numbers later, someone else won. Good for that person – but I wished it had been me. I did win 75.00 that night so I guess I can’t expect to win them all. I won two games. One for 50.00 and another I split 50.00 with another winner. BINGO.

My daughter is twelve and she is about to drive me up the wall… Teen attitude…. hmmm. Are all Twelve year olds all that and a bag of chips? Mothering a teen is harder than even raising this puppy!

Puppy update: Pooping problems…. Puppy has the runs. Not only is it making a terrific mess in my house but it is a sign of a sick puppy. I called the vet and they said I could try human medicine, like Imodium AD, which I did – which didn’t change a thing. I originally had an appointment for her first set of shots next Wednesday, but I’m afraid I will have to move that date up because the pooping issue doesn’t seem to be getting any better. How happy am I that I bought that Carpet Cleaner? “It” cleans up quite well.


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Positive brings positive

Wow, is it hot and steamy today!!!  I’m waiting for Samantha to get ready so I can take her on the the 20 mile trek to-and -from cheerleading and thought I’d pop in and say Hello.

Life’s been a little hard for me, trying to get back into the swing of normalcy, but I’m feeling more positive today, which is a good thing.  Positive is bringing positive into my life.

Honestly, there are a lot of strange but good things going on right now that I can’t get into in detail about, but what I can tell you is it feels very karmic based and very much like its supposed to be happening!  I’ll keep you posted…. 🙂

Oh yeah, and then this morning, while sending my resumes, which I do every Monday after the Sunday ads run online, I got two interview calls!  So Wednesday I’ll be headed out early to try and win some possible employers over.  Keep positive thoughts for me….

A few steps in the right direction ~ and the only direction to go!

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Me & Samantha

Samantha & I

This was Samantha and I on the night before we left Mass. I’m back in Virginia now and have to get back to normal life. Wow, it is so hard to do….

I want to live back at home, with my family so badly. I was so happy there for that month.

Unfortunately, a teens life as it is, my daughter doesn’t. She has three more years of high-school and wants to stay where she is, mostly due to her friends, I do believe. So I’m trying so hard to be unselfish and let that happen. It’s hard because I’m trying to pull everything back to “normal” again and it seems harder each time I do it.  I’m just feeling quite overwhelmed and kinda bummed that I’m not still at home!

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So many goings on

Not to be confused with the Disney Trip below (which actually took place in 2006), the current vacation I’m on (to my hometown) has been so filled with Amazing ness!!!  So amazing it’s hard to even describe.  It’s been wonderful and fun!

I did things differently than I normally do this time around and stayed two weeks at Moms (the perfect length visit, not too long & not too short);  a week with my Grandmother and created some very special memories; and I’m now on my last week, at my sister Beth’s house.  It’s been the best way to do and see everyone ~ and if I’m ever lucky enough again to get a month long vacation (only because I’m out of work right now) ~ it will be done the same way again.  I’m a gypsy anyway, so moving from week to week, suits me just fine.

I’ve got days of things we have done that I want to blog about, but no time to do so because my days are still packed so full!   I’ll be back soon with some details ~ and I look forward to reliving them!  Luv to all.

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I’ve been at work!

Wondering where I’ve been the past few days? 

I have been on a massive job hunt for the past 3 months. I live in a very rural area and have always had to drive to Roanoke, the nearest city, for work, which is a good 45 minute trip to and from. Needless to say, the gas was killing me and when I lost my job down there, I vowed I would try to find something up in the smaller city that I also live next to. Due to the economy and job market, I’ve been job hunting forever, it seems.  But isn’t it funny how things happen?  I got not one, but two jobs, last week!  Job #1, a waitress position (which I haven’t done in 20 some odd years, but thought I would enjoy again) is only Part-time, but with tips, is workable. Job #2 came about on my second day of training at Job #1.  I’ve been trying to get Job #2 for awhile, because its 2 miles from the house and they had advertised a month or so ago, but they ended up hiring someone.  Apparently that someone didn’t work out, because when I stopped in the other day they asked if I were still looking and I mentioned that I had just started the other, but I was interested ~ Full-time, stability, especially knowing that Job #1’s business would die down somewhat after the holidays. The unfortunate part, intially, was that they both were the same shift, so I would have to choose and I honestly wasn’t sure which was the best option. As with everything, there were pros and cons to each. Yesterday morning the Job #2 called and offered me the position, asking if I could start that evening, but I had to work at Job #1 for training day #3.

How excited I was when I called Job #1 to explain that I simply had to take Job #2 instead and they offered to work with me and let me work based around Job #2’s schedule!   Now I have twice what I need!  How cool!

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