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It almost slipped my mind today to post my Round Robin photo, even though I’ve been excited to play all week. I’m on vacation and haven’t been home in three years and it’s been terrific. My three sisters and I had “Sister Night” last night. We went to a great Irish Pub in Quincy and danced and sipped beer while listening to a live band.  It certainly wasn’t Silent and I managed to spend most of today recuperating. The older you are, the harder that seems to be!  That being said, the Round Robin challenge this week was to post a photo of something that signified Silence.

I took my Silence photo at the beach the other day.  Although I can hear the waves crashing on the surf and it’s not perfect silence, it is silent and serenity to my ears, especially at sunset with not a soul around.

Note: I just added a page to my blog of my cross-stitches. Its up top in the tabs and says “Crosssitch Passion” if you’d like to check out another form of artistry.

Nantasket at Dusk

Nantasket at Dusk

Silent Seaweed

Silent Seaweed awaits another turbulent day when the tide comes in.

Between Waves

Quiet waters between waves


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End of Summer

It came and went in the blink of an eye, again. Time never ceases to amaze me.

Where does time go and why so fast? 

This purple ball was left over in the gutter of our little dirt road ~ left behind to linger, bringing a memory of summer for someone! 

Summer, like this ball, has been left behind…. no more time for playing games, school has started and focus changes.


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